possible for ban !ws day by day ?

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possible for ban !ws day by day ?

I got a distress
now There are many more server use !ws makes the kill and destroy normal
server Non-abuse No players
The player will select play server !ws abuse And not play servers Non-abuse
not use !ws

The player does will not send or Report server abuse misrepresenting player
inventories or status. since \
  - Players want to abuse. Players want to use skin weapons FREE !ws  And
maybe pay the owner server Abuse.
  - The player does not send or report server because of fear of the owner.
The message will be show displayed to everyone in server chat game after
report server.
I have a suggestion.
should ban Tokens Or can not open for use hostname server !ws or use tag !ws
This will help fast ban day by day
Not necessary in server will use plugins !ws or not. Due to reason Try to

After ban Tokens Should Ban IP Address server at least 60 Day This will
reduce the abuse. !ws csgo Very effective

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