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Override caster is broken

I'm trying to use "override caster" function for my tournament.
I've activated InteractiveCaster and GOTV[1],I succecefully added Override

But when Interactive POV is shooting and OverrideCaster is overring another
POV. Interactive POV's recoil will be applied to override caster's POV,
When Interactive POV is "NOT" shooting and override's POV is shooting,weapon
recoil will be completely disappears.

and,We can't connect GOTV[1] Directry. Is it our problem too?
When connection GOTV[0] first,and connect GOTV[1],connection will success.

I've added GOTV cvars in this post.Please read and Tell me how to fix it.
Sorry for my bad English.

[CPU]Ryzen 1700
[RAM]DDR4 16gb
[OS]Linux CentOS 6.9(Final) 64bit

tv_broadcast_max_requests 30
tv_broadcast_url ""
tv_broadcast_keyframe_interval 0.5
tv_enable 1
tv_enable1 1
tv_broadcast 1
tv_delay 60
tv_delay1 6
tv_allow_camera_man_steamid "7656119800637XXXX" //hidden steamid. this is
interactive caster
tv_allow_camera_man_steamid2 "7656119838321XXXX" //hidden steamid2. this is
override caster
tv_port 27020
tv_port1 27021
tv_allow_camera_man_override 1
tv_challenge_steam_iprange  "60.98.XXX.XXX,153.182.XX.XX"//hidden

/home/steam/srrcds/server1/srcds_run -console -game "csgo" -autoupdate
-maxplayers_override 15 -maxplayers 15 -port 27019 -tickrate 128 -usercon
+ip +tv_port 27020 +tv_port1 27021 +game_mode 1 +game_type 0
+tv_snapshotrate 32 +tv_snapshotrate1 128 +tv_maxrate 196608 +tv_enable1
-hltv -addhltv1


About GOTV[1] : http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2015/10/12881/
About InteractiveCaster/Overridecaster :

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