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Odd Thirdperson Bugs

Hopefully someone can confirm - tested on 2 servers now

1st bug
Enable thirdperson via cexec on a client (with the sv convar set to
allow it) not using sv_cheats
Give said player an m249
Player dies (near others, or not) the m249 is left in play, stuck in
the air, creating a sort of black hole.

As players come close their weapons begin to disappear in sections
(muzzle, etc.) and their view gets odd.
If you respawn that player or another player has thirdperson on it
will shift their view to inside their head rather than from behind,
almost like they are up on a wall or stuck in one.

If a player press the use key and grabs the m249 that is floating in
the air, this will stop the issue.  However, should they then die, or
drop/swap the m249 back out - it will return.  It seems to stay with
the weapon index

2nd bug
Also, on player_disconnect you cannot hook the event in order to
disable thirdperson, and it will persist across other servers.  So
when the player gets the cexec value for thirdperson and goes to any
other game (without restarting CSGO) they will maintain their
thirdperson view unless they manually type firstperson in console.

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