GOTV relay fail. It was fine a month ago.

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GOTV relay fail. It was fine a month ago.

when GOTV start from tv_relay, the GOTV join success

Cannot init steam datagram client, no Steam HTTP interface
Connecting to public( ...
Server using '<none>' lobbies, requiring pw yes, lobby id ffffffffffffffff

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Map: de_dust2
Players: 10 (1 bots) / 12 humans
Build: 6388
Server Number: 2

***String table CRC mismatch, may need to rebuild bsp if model oddities occur!
GOTV relay active (0)
Initializing Steam libraries for secure Internet server
Logging into Steam gameserver account with logon token '564D9F37xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

but client join the relay fail report "Failed to join game."

E:\steamcmd\cs_go\srcds.exe -console -game csgo +password 123456 +tv_port 27200 +tv_advertise_watchable 1 +sv_setsteamaccount "564D9F37xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx" +tv_relay

It was fine a month ago.
now I have match next two week, need to use tv_relay, please help.

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